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Tips for Buying Local After the Death of Australian Car Manufacturing

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From nearly the dawn of car manufacturing to the present day, Australia has been a hub for car markers. However, the amount of manufacturing happening in Australia has dropped over recent years, and by the end of 2017, there will no longer be any cars manufactured in the country. If you’re a consumer who prefers to shop local, you may be wondering what to do when you’re car shopping. To help you stay true to your ideals as you shop, here are some tips to consider. Read More»

Ask A Mechanic: Why Do Some Vehicles Have A Down-Flow Radiator?

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While you may hope you never have to replace the radiator on your car, if you need to change this crucial part for some reason, you may sometimes face a choice between two types of radiator. A mechanic or parts supplier may refer to cross-flow or down-flow car radiators, but if you have no mechanical knowledge, you probably won’t understand the difference. Find out how these different types of car radiator work, and learn more why some vehicles have a down-flow radiator and some have the cross-flow variety. Read More»

Should Drivers With Vision Problems Have Tinted Car Windows?

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Tinted car windows can help reduce glare when you’re driving. Tinting can also help keep the cabin of the car cool, and many drivers prefer the privacy that these solutions can offer too. However, safety campaigners sometimes argue that tinted car windows are dangerous, especially if you suffer from a vision problem. Learn more about this suggestion here, and find out if car window tinting is suitable if you have an issue with your eyesight. Read More»

Diesel Engines And Blue Or White Smoke: Should You Worry?

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When a diesel engine runs efficiently, you shouldn’t really see any coloured smoke from the exhaust. In certain conditions (such as driving up a steep hill), you may see a short plume of black smoke, but smoke during normal driving conditions probably points to a more serious problem. Find out what causes blue or white smoke, and find out what you need to do to deal with these problems. Blue smoke causes Read More»

Is Your Fishing Boat Ready for Action? Follow These Easy Checks

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Ensure that your fishing boat is in top condition when you are ready for that long awaited first run after its winter storage. These simple, but key, preventative maintenance checks will make sure your days on the water are trouble free and allow you to focus on your main objective - catching fish. Obviously, the batteries need to be operating effectively as they are the heart of the electrical systems on the boat. Read More»

Is Your Muffler Breaking The Law? Advice For Car Owners In New South Wales

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The muffler on your car has a vital job to do. Mufflers feature a series of perforated tubes or chambers that control the sound coming from the exhaust system. If the muffler doesn’t work properly (or you modify the system to work in a different way), your car may create enough noise to fall foul of New South Wales laws. Learn why people modify mufflers, and find out how these modified systems could get you into trouble with the police. Read More»

Parents: Recycle Your Old Car Tyres Into These Fun Kid-Friendly Designs

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When put in landfills, rubber tyres cause serious environmental pollution, and sadly, of the 20 million tyres needing disposal in Australia each year, 78 percent are sent to landfills or dumped illegally. If you have old tyres, you don’t have to harm the environment by putting them in a landfill. Instead, you can recycle them into something fun for your kids. Here are five ideas: 1. Decorative Characters With a few different sized tyres, you can make a fun cartoon-esque character for your child’s room. Read More»

Choosing The Safest New Family Car: 3 Safety Features To Look Out For

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Advances in car safety technology have come a long way in recent years. If you are looking for a new car this year, you have the opportunity to purchase a vehicle that is fully equipped with safety features that will protect your family in a crash. In 2014, the national road toll was at its lowest since 1945, and by purchasing the safest car, you can help to keep this trend moving lower. Read More»