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Five Tips to Help You Make the Most of Truck Driver Training

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Truck driver training can be a great way to bolster your resume and get the credentials you need to start a new career as a truck driver. Before you experience the benefits, however, you first have to get through the coursework. To make the most of truck driving school, check out these tips. 1. Research Your Options There are numerous truck driving programs that give you access to a number of different licenses. Read More»

4 Signs You Should Buy a Caravan Instead of a Campervan

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People often struggle to decide between buying a campervan and buying a caravan, and there’s really no wrong or right decision. However, there are several signs that you should go for a certain option. Here are just four signs you should buy a caravan instead of a campervan. 1. You Want to Head Down Rougher Tracks One of the central advantages of buying a caravan instead of a campervan is being able to unhook the trailer from your main vehicle. Read More»

4 Reasons to Buy Used Parts from an Auto Wrecker Instead of an Online Dealer

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People who want to buy a used part for their vehicle often find themselves trying to decide between ordering online or visiting their local auto wrecker. While it is nice to be able to shop for what you need without even getting off the couch, the fact remains that using an auto wrecker instead of an online dealership comes with a whole host of compelling advantages. Here are just four reasons why using an auto wrecker makes sense. Read More»

What to Consider Before Starting a Classic Car Restoration

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A classic car can be a true thing of beauty, a timeless masterpiece that grabs attention wherever it goes. But if it’s to get attention for the right reasons, a body restoration might be in order. After all, due to their age, classic cars have been through a lot, which takes its toll and often leaves them in a less than desirable state. Fortunately, a classic that needs a lot of work done on its body can sometimes be had for a bargain price. Read More»

Some Important Tips for Getting Custom Seat Covers for Your Car

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Custom seat covers can be a good choice when your vehicle has worn upholstery or you need something more comfortable for long commutes; the right cover can help cushion your joints and also keep you cooler during summertime or warmer during wintertime. Note a few things to remember when you are shopping for custom fit seat covers for your car so you’re sure to get the right type and are happy with your choice for years to come. Read More»

Tips for Buying Local After the Death of Australian Car Manufacturing

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From nearly the dawn of car manufacturing to the present day, Australia has been a hub for car markers. However, the amount of manufacturing happening in Australia has dropped over recent years, and by the end of 2017, there will no longer be any cars manufactured in the country. If you’re a consumer who prefers to shop local, you may be wondering what to do when you’re car shopping. To help you stay true to your ideals as you shop, here are some tips to consider. Read More»