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Some Important Tips for Getting Custom Seat Covers for Your Car

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Custom seat covers can be a good choice when your vehicle has worn upholstery or you need something more comfortable for long commutes; the right cover can help cushion your joints and also keep you cooler during summertime or warmer during wintertime. Note a few things to remember when you are shopping for custom fit seat covers for your car so you're sure to get the right type and are happy with your choice for years to come.

Universal, custom and tailored

Many companies that sell seat covers for cars will have different terms to describe their cut and fit; a universal cover may fit over a wide variety of seats, and is not meant for any one type of vehicle in particular. These may not fit as well or stay as snug as a custom cover or a cover made for your model of car in particular.

Tailored covers may be specifically made for you, with embroidery or other such personalised features. You may also need tailored covers for antique vehicles or rare vehicles that may not have a standard seat size. Be sure you understand the different terms used by each company, as custom or tailored covers may fit better than universal covers but may also be more expensive.

Note their thickness and how they're installed

Custom seat covers usually go right over the seats you have in your car and you don't need to remove the upholstery; however, if that upholstery is very worn, pilled, torn or otherwise uncomfortable, you might ask about covers that replace that fabric rather than fitting over that seat. If you don't want to have the upholstery actually replaced, be sure you shop for very thick fabric that will cushion you against the discomfort of the worn upholstery under you.

Note if you have seat-mounted airbags

If your car has airbags in the back of the seats, be sure you note this and order custom seat covers that accommodate. You may need to get covers with cut-outs along certain areas or sides so that the airbag has an open space if it should deploy.

Look for different pieces and sections if you have kids and pets

If you have kids or pets, frequently eat in your car or otherwise tend to damage or stain the upholstery, choose custom seat covers that come in sections. This will allow you to replace just one section if it should get stained or torn, rather than the entire cover itself.