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3 Fancy Ways to Travel Socially

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Whether they're your posse, crew, clique, groupies, friends, or family, you and yours deserve to travel about in style. Perfect for birthdays, epic parties, adventures in the city, or for turning a regular day into a riveting day, these mod modes of transportation make any adventurous person the talk of the town.

3. Hummer Stretch Limousine

Expanding, both literally and figuratively, on the classic stretch limousine idea, the Hummer stretch limousine offers at twice the opportunity to celebrate with friends. This extended version of the classic all-terrain vehicle balances its typically tough exterior with an extra dash of glamor.

These vehicles, available in metropolitan areas like Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney, come in colours such as black, white, or a dazzling electric pink. But it's not what's on the outside the counts; it's what's on the inside.

They typically feature fully stocked bars, DVD and CD players, LCD screens, strobe lights, and a variety of other entertainment options to share with 14-16 of your closest party animals. Have a great time on your next limousine experience and consider a Hummer limousine.

2. Segway Tour

For those who are more “geek chic” than “rock and roll” a Segway tour through Sydney, Brisbane, or the Blue Mountains may be the smoothest travel decision to make.

The Segway is a famous, futuristic two-wheeled battery-powered vehicle that transports its driver with a gentle hum and a forward lean. Modern tourist destinations near cities have caught on to the new trend, and offer scenic group tours. Invite friends or family along and discover who maintains the most composure atop the quirky contraption.

Sydney's travel website recommends the Segway as a tour item for its intuitive controls and easy navigation to popular locales. It may not offer the glitz and glam of a limousine, but it makes up for it in style and singularity.

1. Party Bus

The premier option for those who want to rumba on the roadway, samba on the street, boogie on the boulevard, and disco on the driver, a party bus is as entertaining for those inside as it is for those watching outside.

The typical party bus, which is found in most Australian cities, features disco lights, dancer poles, a blaring sound system, flowing alcohol, VIP tickets to local clubs, and a party host. Most of all, the open windows facilitate porous borders between the party inside and the “real-world” outside.

Party buses are only for those brave enough to let complete strangers judge his or her dance moves.

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