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A Few Things to Remember When Considering a Bus Hire

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A bus hire can be a good choice for any number of reasons, whether it's for sightseeing with a group or for just traveling a long distance to a seminar with coworkers. It can ensure you always have a safe driver behind the wheel so you can enjoy a few cocktails if you prefer, and can also allow you to socialize with the group rather than worrying about driving at all. When you are considering a bus hire for any reason, note a few things to remember and then review these with the hire or rental agency so you know you get the right bus and know what's involved with the rental itself.

1. Your driver might not be a tour guide

There is a difference between a simple bus hire and a guided tour. A bus driver may not know much more than how to get you from one destination to another, and be able to offer some information about local sights and attractions, but might not. If you're looking to arrange a bus hire for touring certain attractions or monuments and want to have the bus driver give you more information about what you're seeing, be sure you discuss this with the bus hire company. They may have certain drivers who are good with offering such information or may make other recommendations to accommodate you.

2. You might not be getting a party bus

If you want a bus with a stereo system, disco ball, bar, and the like, be sure you ask for a party bus. Some buses are set up for transportation only; they may offer air conditioning, DVD players, and Wi-Fi access, but not necessarily a party atmosphere. Buses may also allow some eating and drinking onboard, but if you're looking for a full bar or to have any alcohol, you should ask beforehand. There may be restrictions about alcohol on the bus and especially if anyone on the trip is underage, so be sure you check on this before making your rental decision.

3. Check on storage

If you're hiring a bus for a large group who might be bringing luggage with them, or if you need to bring equipment to that seminar for the office, you need to check on storage. Ask if the bus has underbelly storage or a roof rack, or if there is extra room inside for overhead storage. Don't assume as to the extra space you get and especially if you're hauling something delicate such as film equipment, prototypes, and the like, but be sure you choose the best bus option for the storage you need.