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When Should You Use Genuine Name Brand Parts on Your Car?

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When it comes to car repairs, the choice between genuine parts and off-brand parts can be a difficult one, as you may be worried about the quality of off-brand parts but also the price of genuine, name brand parts. While it's your final decision as to which is better for your car, you might note a few times when the investment in name-brand parts can be the better option overall.

Resale value

Are you looking to sell your car sometime soon and are hoping to retain as much of its value as possible? If you want to sell your car sometime in the near or distant future, you should consider name brand parts. These often allow a car to hold its resale value better than off-brand parts simply because they're usually known to last longer. Someone buying a used car will be worried about its integrity and amount of life that car will have left, so knowing that it has genuine name brand parts under the hood can increase the resale value or at least not allow it to dip as much as having off-brand parts.

Keeping the car

The other side of using name brand parts because you're going to sell the car is considering using the best parts available because you want to keep the car as long as you can. Name brand parts may fit better so that they protect other parts around them from corrosion, rattling, and other such damage, and they may last longer overall. This can mean being able to drive your car for as long as possible before having to make major repairs or selling it, and having a car that doesn't rattle or otherwise act up simply because you've chosen poor-quality parts that are wearing out or not protecting parts around them.

Safety precautions

When your car repair will affect its safety in any way, you want to consider name brand parts. This can mean bumpers, anything to do with the tyres, brakes or steering, the windscreen, and even panels of the car body. These things protect you in case of a collision or help you control the car, or interact with the car's airbags and other such safety parts. Using parts of lower quality can compromise the safety of your car and your own safety as well, since they may not fit as securely or even work with the car's computer as they should.