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4 Signs You Should Buy a Caravan Instead of a Campervan

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People often struggle to decide between buying a campervan and buying a caravan, and there's really no wrong or right decision. However, there are several signs that you should go for a certain option.

Here are just four signs you should buy a caravan instead of a campervan.

1. You Want to Head Down Rougher Tracks

One of the central advantages of buying a caravan instead of a campervan is being able to unhook the trailer from your main vehicle. This comes with several benefits, but one of the most compelling for anyone looking to discover the best of Australia's natural beauty is being able to head down rough or unpaved roads. Many of the country's most spectacular landmarks and national parks can only be accessed via such a road; in fact, many require the use of a 4x4. With a caravan, you can uncouple your vehicle, then take off to see such sights.

2. You Want to Take Daytrips

Maybe you're sticking mainly to the cities and don't need to worry about heading out to areas of natural beauty. Even if that's the case, you'll still probably enjoy the convenience of a caravan. The ability to uncouple from your living quarters means you'll be able to take daytrips more easily. Want to go into the city? It can be hard driving through crowded streets in a campervan. Additionally, you'll burn a lot more fuel using a campervan instead of being able to disconnect from your caravan and use just the car, and those fuel costs will add up.

3. You'll Be Travelling for Some Time

In general, campervans put a premium on living space. This is fine when you're only going to be travelling for a night or two, but it becomes a bit of a nuisance when you'll be gone for more than a week or so. Additionally, it's much nicer to have a separate driving and living area when you're going to be travelling for quite a while.

4. You're Travelling Far from Assistance  

If there's one thing that seems to define travel across Australia more than anything else, it's the lonely highway. With vast distances separating different areas of the country, it's common to find yourself travelling across stretches of highway that exist far away from any assistance. When a campervan breaks down in such locations, the situation can be hard to fix. Parts can be much harder to find a fit for campervan, and mechanics aren't as likely to be familiar with them. Cars and SUVs can also break down, but repairs will be easier to make.