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Diesel Engines And Blue Or White Smoke: Should You Worry?

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When a diesel engine runs efficiently, you shouldn’t really see any coloured smoke from the exhaust. In certain conditions (such as driving up a steep hill), you may see a short plume of black smoke, but smoke during normal driving conditions probably points to a more serious problem. Find out what causes blue or white smoke, and find out what you need to do to deal with these problems. Blue smoke causes Read More»

Is Your Fishing Boat Ready for Action? Follow These Easy Checks

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Ensure that your fishing boat is in top condition when you are ready for that long awaited first run after its winter storage. These simple, but key, preventative maintenance checks will make sure your days on the water are trouble free and allow you to focus on your main objective - catching fish. Obviously, the batteries need to be operating effectively as they are the heart of the electrical systems on the boat. Read More»